Common Sense in the New Millennium

In the United States of America, in the year 2020, this "condition" we've all been thrown into is not a pandemic. Yes, there is a highly contagious virus that kills, and has killed many, but not near the millions it was suggested at its outbreak, nor anything greater than the yearly death averages from the common flu (in the many tens of thousands) or deaths by properly administered medical doctor prescribed drugs (well over 100,000 annually). Don't think so? Review the online CDC reports and their statistics.

It's been a bungle of errors on the part of many and thus a "police state" emerged upon all Americans, for absolutely NO valid reason at all. Zero, Nada, None.

When governments, our employees, explain that their actions are to make we-the-people safe, replace that "safe" word with "controlled". And so they have. All via fear, intimidation, and pure panic, through words with NO supporting data or proof of any kind. Yes, we have been lied to through omission of proof and data. We have been duped on a scale of world proportions.

Add to this that way more than a few state governors, mayors, and other elected officials, all employees of we-the-people, have blatantly disregarded our constitution and bill of rights by enacting self created rules that are backed by arrests and or fines for citizens failing to comply. This is where "We Will Not Comply" and "No Step On Snek" should prevail ... but the masses are panic-stricken with unfounded fear generated via the mainstream media and health officials who did (and certainly do) know better.

Was there a medical community basic 101 "gold standard" created for this novel coronavirus? No. Koch's Postulates were never employed. The USA took the word of the Chinese government, and their reports, as the "gold standard". A huge mistake number one that was dumb on too many accounts. We should have been far better than that, particularly since China is the larger part of this equation.

The RT-PCR "Covid-19" test does not test for a virus. There is no specific quickie patient virus test. It tests for the presence of elevated RNA levels. RNA is produced when infection, trauma, poison, stress/fear, etc, is present, not specifically a virus itself. The test only “assumes” a virus is present. RNA creates exosomes that are released from the human cell to round up and "eat" toxic particulates. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. The test was, and is, flawed with far too many false positives. Big mistake number two.

Then there's the matter of the reporting of Covid-19 as the cause of death on hospital death certificates. It has been proven by Many doctors and health officials around the USA that the CDC made sure anyone proofing Covid-19 positive, and died, no matter what the true nature of death, the report will state "death by Covid-19". This has dramatically and erroneously skewed the pandemic death statistics. Worse than being mistake number three, it’s just pure and simple lying to create a false narrative in order to exercise further controls of we-the-people.

Then there's the matter of the "feel good" masks, because literally that's all they do - make you feel as if you're doing something positive to stop the spread of the virus. Wrong. Again, do the research. The best medical N95 mask will screen mesh to 750 nanometers. The typical largest coronavirus size is 120 nanometers. Do the math. Worse yet with fabric sewn cloth masks that are far more porous than the N95 mask. Oh, but the virus travels in "water droplets" that are stopped by the mask. No, not really. It's water vapor that's unseen by the human eye, and not visual droplets of water, that will alight upon masks, and when the water vapor evaporates, as water does, there are toxin particulates sitting on a mask doorway that's at least six times larger than the particulate itself, waiting to be sucked in by the mask wearer's next inhale. The primary entry point for toxic particulates are nasal, oral, ocular - yes, the eyes. Feel good masks. Feeling better now? Yep, mistake number four.

What "kills" a virus? It's not a living organism, it can't be "killed", only removed or destroyed. Drugs and vaccines do not eradicate virus particulates, that's the job of the wonderfully amazing human immune system. We can only bolster the immune system at best, but make no mistake, it IS *the* weapon that "kills" a virus. Not drugs and absolutely NO vaccines of ANY kind. What? The business of vaccines - and it IS a Big Business - deserves a talk all its own.

There is a clear factual reason why humanity has survived all these eons to a current world population that is earth's largest ever. This lock down does nothing more than insure that the healthy people, those WITHOUT already preexisting respiratory and immune compromised conditions, will have difficulties adapting their immune systems to any novel virus. Those who already have health issues MUST self quarantine. This is no different than our yearly onslaught of flu and pneumonia visits. And when we're all released from our literal house arrest, will we be prepared for the year's end infectious season?

THIS is why "pandemic version 2" will most likely occur in the coming Fall and Winter of 2020 - we haven't built up a proper resistance to the novel coronavirus. This isn't radical thinking, it's COMMON SENSE ... a most important item that seems to be lacking in mainstream media, certain politicians, and certain officials in the medical community. We would expect no less than governing officials to do the right thing by their constituents, we-the-people. And so, a great disservice was done to all by this illegal and immoral citizen lock down. Huge mistake number five that signs the suffering and death sentence for many Americans.

Adding to the medical misery is the economic fiasco. Stores are closed, the economy is weakened, jobs are lost, unemployment skyrockets, and we add trillions to USA debt with a “stimulus” package we pay to ourselves in the form of debt that our great grandchildren will still be paying off. We see food lines. Supermarts begin looking like Soviet rationing centers from the 20th century. Schools are shut down, parks are closed, all outside activities cease.

If you are in reasonable health and Covid-19 visits you, you will live. Yes, there'll probably be some days of misery, but you will live. And your immune system will be bolstered and better prepared for the next virus strain that definitely will come bopping down the pike. There is absolutely no need to quarantine Everyone.

However, if you have pre-existing health conditions and/or you have some manner of compromised or deficient immune system, you need to self quarantine. That's called "common sense".

The following video has been removed from all public platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc) and has been regarded as "inappropriate" - that alone should give pause for serious First Amendment consideration.